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Why hire me to build this thing?

Here to help you slay

Sustainable solutions

Because I've been working unique assessment methods, and my approach is time-tested, I can identify problems and challenges and help you build sustainable solutions. It's not just about what happens now, it's really about what happens next.

My job is to get you to the next level

Nerdy Shit For Normal People

When it comes to building and managing your website, as a business person you need to become competent or hire someone competent. What you cannot do anymore is wing it. Fortunately, this stuff isn't that nerdy and inaccessible anymore, and I can help you figure that out.

Been out here on these interwebs

Experienced & Passionate

I have been building online presences since 1995. That's 27 years! I've worked with many successful businesses, all over the world, and I'm more than happy to share my knowledge with you.

I'm an artist, I'm sensitive about my shit

Pretty for Pennies

Ok, not pennies... I just liked how that sounds. But I can help you get this thing in under budget, and I can help you figure out how to keep long term costs down. My mental rolodex is a treasure trove and swiss-army-knife capable of finding creative ways to make you look good on Rihanna's good internet without busting the bank.

My Clients <3 Me!

Ndelamiko is driven and brilliant. Her professionalism and character are added bonuses, especially since most of our meetings take place in the Web 2.0 world. She is an asset to any team she joins and highlights the best practices needed for this area.