60 Days to Epic Slayage

Finally get a website for your small business that kicks ass and costs less to run than Shopify or Wix or Squarespace.

While I hold your hand and tell what to click...

You're in control

A rock solid Rockstar web site you know how to control


Easy to follow, step-by-step guidance & support

Clear Instructions

A clear understanding of what you need to do

My Experience

Me and my 26 years with you, elbow-to-elbow

26 Years of Excellence

About Me

You're in safe hands...

I have a classic nerd background. I started mucking with a Commodore Vic 20 when I was ten and slowly became obsessed with code and technical systems. Although I came up as a journalist and editor in traditional media houses, code is poetry.

I am a word geek and digital native that finds, creates, generates and formats content, managing its distribution, optimisation and marketing across multiple publishing points. Since 1995 I have built hundreds of web sites for small businesses, governmental organisations and non-profit organisations across the Caribbean, North America, Great Britain & Europe, and trained users in content management.

I include EVERYTHING you need to know, and I sit with you while we're working so you never get overwhelmed by anything, and the process is no-pain.


The VIP Days Programme is designed for noobs, technophones and folks terrified of 'tech'. It's also great for folks with a little know how too.


A Rockstar Website

A robust dynamic content management system, with a full suite of tools to help you build any kind of website you want. Yep... read it again, but it's correct.


Advertising, Marketing & Conversion Strategy

So... this my darlings, is the guts of epic slayage. How do you get your products and services seen, and how do we turn that into leads, income, revenue? It's your toolkit on a shoestring!


Social Media Management

The big bad Facebook Business manager? I got you. Instagram? I got you! Pinterest, Twitter and the rest? I got you baby!


One-on-One Hands On Training

The VIP Days programme holds your hand, (literally: click here, click there, step one, step two, step three) to build and design a website that makes your rivals cry. I don't care if you sell coconuts! I don't care if you sell nose hair clippers! (I do, but that's beside the point!)

Your Rockstar Website


  • Revenue Ready

    Paypal, Stripe, Plaid, Square, Braintree... what payment processor do you need? Don't know which one? I'll help you to figure it out, and integrate it (or multiple) into your site.

  • Cheaper To Run

    Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Weebly... forget it. This is cheaper pound for pound.

  • Work! Like, Seriously...

    Whether you need a full shopping cart, a better way to send service invoices, a subscription service, a booking engine, a lead generation tool... it doesn't matter, this site will work, and work for you.

  • Easy To Navigate

    You have total control of every menu item. Every navigation link is yours to play with!

  • Branded By You

    You'll get help to define or revamp your existing branding.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Ready for any device your customers use.

  • Faster'n Blue Blazes

    We optimised your pages together, so you can keep up the practise, but we show you how to keep your site lean and humming along.

  • Secure

    Rockstar websites are secured by default. If we scale you up, your SSL certificate is covered. No SSL headache for you!

  • Easy To Learn

    The hand holding is real... clutch your pearls, and I'll hold your other hand, and I swear you'll have so much fun with me in the digital mud, you'll never feel a moment's fear.

  • A Social Beast

    Facebook ready, Pinterest ready, Instagram integrated, YouTube integrated... what do you need? Your website's got it...

  • SEO Optimized

    SEO for your content, products and services. Not a bonus or a perk. Default. 

  • Conversion Optimised

    Conversions are the ways in which your site is designed to convert vistors into buyers. Your site will be created around YOUR goals, and every element focused on conversion.

  • Video Friendly

    Your video content will be easily integrated and controlled by you. You can even control where it can be played, and by whom.... or we can do free for all. Your choice. Either way, your videos will be mobile friendly and well integrated.

  • Belong To You

    Not Shopify, or Wix, or Weebly, or Big Cartel... your website will belong to you. Yours. You never have to move it anywhere, and it will never deleted. 


Website Superpowers

You can choose from any number of tools to improve your sales, customer management and retention, promote and market your business online. This is the guts of epic slayage.

  • beaver-builder-wp-logo-300x256

    Page Builders

    Easily make beautiful pages with drag and drop page building

  • cart-flows

    Sales Funnels

    Easily create perfect landing pages for advertising and offers

  • 71-WPML.png

    Multi-language support

    Translate your site into multiple languages.

  • sprout-invoices

    Invoices & Estimates

    Need to send customisable, professional invoices?

  • 71-TheEventCalender.png

    Events & Tickets

    Need to display events, or sell tickets? Both?

  • 71-WooCommerce.png

    E-Commerce & Payments

    Shopping cart & payment integrations

  • uncanny-automator

    Automation Superpowers

    If this, then that. It's voodoo for your website.

  • simply-schedule

    Appointment Booking

    Paid bookings, video service integrations and more

  • eve

    Automatic Content

    Push and pull content to social platforms, other sites and more

  • BB_Logos_Colored_Icon

    Niche Community

    Have a loyal group of people you want to hold space for?

  • lifterlms-icon-square

    Online Courses

    Are you an expert with a training to offer? I got you!

  • fluent-icon-256x256 (1)

    Email Marketing

    Beautifully branded and customised email campaigns

  • gravity-forms-2020-logo-stacked

    Advanced Forms

    Transform your workflows and business processes

  • wp-digital-e-signature

    Digital Contracts

    Create dynamic contracts and get them signed faster

  • wp-fusion

    CRM Integrations

    Deeply integrate 3rd Party CRMs with your website

Using A 3rd Party Service?

Let's tame that beast and integrate that sucker!

Need An Example?

Here are some ideas about what you can build.

Epic Slayage Explained

In six easy modules...

Module 1: Foundations A fresh start, a fresh install

  • Hosting vs. Domain Names

  • How to choose web hosting

  • Domain Names & DNS

  • Content Management Systems

  • Installing Your CMS

Module 4: Content Is King ...but the story is Queen.

  • Content Audits & Site Maps

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Telling Your Story

  • Content Formatting

  • Big, Pretty Images Worth A Thousand Words

Module 2: The Toolkit ...and help to learn to use it

  • Generate Leads

  • Fight Spam!

  • Ecommerce

  • Email Marketing & Automation

  • SEO & Social Integration

Module 5: Product Pump Defining and Organizing

  • Categories & Tags For Power

  • Adding & Editing Products

  • On Page Conversions

  • Variable Products & Add Ons

  • Effective Coupons

  • Gift Cards & Incentives

Module 3: Sexy Beast AKA "All The Pretty"

  • Your Design

  • Logos

  • Fonts, Typography & Usage

  • Easy Color Changes

  • Sexy Sliders

Module 6: Final Details Look at God in 'em...

  • Setting Up Email

  • Google Webmaster Tools

  • Google Analytics

  • Automating Backups

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Deep Links

Did you say you wanted a bonus or something? Cause I can do a bonus.... how about five fat ones?

Bonus #1

1 Year License Premium Framework

I am in love with this framework! Drag and drop loveliness of ALL kinds. It's the absolute easiest way to get your site to happen FAST!

Bonus #3

Premium Plugins

More than $1000 worth of Premium Plugins

  • SEO Plugins

  • Booking Engines

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Membership Site Management

  • Subscription & Recurring Payments

  • Affiliate Network Management

Bonus #2

The Vault

Now... after 23 years of building websites, I've managed to accumulate a ton of tools. The Vault is a ridiculously resource rich archive of some incredible stuff. For you... #freeness #hobbyclass (yeah, that means free access... )

  • Logo Templates

  • Branding Palettes

  • Font Joy

  • Social Media Graphic Templates

  • Slider Templates

  • Graphic & Photography Packs

  • Checklists & Workbooks

  • Marketing Tools & How-Tos

  • Facebook Ads Guides

  • ....and more!

    The Vault alone is worth the price of the ENTIRE VIP Days programme. I'm not even joking. 

Bonus #4

Extra Trainings!

  • Pull In Your Tweets, Instagram, Tumblr...

  • Set Up A Live Chat System

  • Fast Email List Building

  • Creating A Community

  • Set Up A Live Chat System

  • Tame The Blog Madness

  • ...and more

Bonus #5

VIP+ Support

Priority Ticket Queue

Submit a ticket, 24/7! Guaranteed responses in 12 hours or less! $1800USD/a year value

Miko's Rockstars

Private Facebook Mastermind group, with hundreds of business owners like you.

Weekly Group Call

Everyone in your cycle, and no doubt alums and guests get access to these weekly group calls. We discuss themes from the Programme's core material, check in with each other's progress, ask questions and yes... SPEAKERS! There will be presenters!

Who is The VIP Programme For?

Do you fit in with who can get the most from this?


You need to build your website at your own pace and not let some developer nut hound you with deadlines.


You are so ready to take this on and beat all records at finishing first.


You might be a little tech scared but you're ready to learn it all step-by-step.


The VIP Programme can be outsourced. Hire someone to follow along with the training to get your site built.

Righto! So How Much Does It Cost?

And How Do I Get Started?

Although I'm a developer, and have been building online for 26 years, I wanted to get a sense of how much a site like this would cost if I made a cold request. So I played cloak and dagger, and made a few requests for quotes, cruised UpWork and a few job boards, and realised I was probably crazy for doing this...

I received quotes from $5,500USD to $6,500USD. That didn’t include the themes, branding, graphic design, copywriting, SEO or any of the premium plugins or bonuses included with my VIP Programme.

Chile, my mentor told me I was crazy to offer this programme for less that $2500USD, but for me, after so many years of watching small and micro businesses suffer for lack of an effective website, this became the best possible option I could create to help the hundreds of small and micro businesses that needed a professional website, and the knowledge to successfully run an online business. More importantly, I wanted to get a lot of you off of that web developer teat. Where everything you want to do has to burn a hole in your pocket.

You want independence? THIS IS IT!

And the BEST PART?

You don't have to do it alone

You will get access to me, and my team, and all of my experience... beyond just helping you to make a kick ass website. I know tools and have a massive network and a huge online footprint. I can help you with the right kind of hookups, some of the harder to nail down concepts when getting into online business. I can help you shape and tell your story effectively, and boy oh boy do I have stuff to share... my mental rolodex (and my actual contact list) will be put to work to help you succeed.


Skipped the demos earlier?

LOOK at what you can build!

You've got questions? Of course you do!

Here are some of the ones I get the most about the programme.

Does the VIP Programme include hosting?

No. You will be expected to get your own hosting. The training walks you through exactly what to get which costs about $15/month.

Don't see your question?

You can open a support ticket in the helpdesk, and someone will respond within 24hrs. 

Miko's Rockstars To The Rescue

This group is for women (and male allies) who work as entrepreneurs and/or small businesses and enterprises and are interested in personal and professional development of women as a whole. If you are a small business owner and are interested in mutual support, networking and socializing with like minded women, this is the group for you.



  • Instant, full access to course
  • Future updates
  • Rockstar Website
  • $149 Premium Theme Framework
  • $2999 The Vault
  • VIP+ Support
  • Rockstar Hosting

Easy Plan

$499 4 payments

  • Instant, full access to course
  • Future updates
  • Rockstar Website
  • $149 Premium Theme Framework
  • $2999 The Vault
  • VIP+ Support
  • Rockstar Hosting

Half n Half

$1000 2 payments

  • Instant, full access to course
  • Future updates
  • Rockstar Website
  • $149 Premium Theme Framework
  • $2999 The Vault
  • VIP+ Support
  • Rockstar Hosting

One Shot

$1999 $1799 single payment

  • Instant, full access to course
  • Future updates
  • Rockstar Website
  • $149 Premium Theme Framework
  • $2999 The Vault
  • VIP+ Support
  • Rockstar Hosting

* Renewable subscription starting at $15 a month.

My Clients <3 Me!

My straightforward no-frills style isn't for everyone. I'm blunt and honest, and I don't tell you what you want to hear. You get love back, and it helps you to grow your project from idea to satisfied success.