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I have a classic nerd background. I started mucking with a Commodore Vic 20 when I was ten and slowly became obsessed with code and technical systems. Although I came up as a journalist and editor in traditional media houses, code is poetry.

I am a word geek and digital native that finds, creates, generates and formats content, managing its distribution, optimisation and marketing across multiple publishing points. Since 1995 I have built hundreds of web sites for small businesses, governmental organisations and non-profit organisations across the Caribbean, North America, Great Britain & Europe, and trained users in content management.

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Gorgeous Designs

Custom designs created for your business based on your personality. Includes migration of up to 30 pages and integration of blogs, social media icons, and more.


Get more customers

A tailored strategy to exceed your goals by leveraging experience, technology, creativity, and our internal methodology.


Search Engine Friendly

SEO-ready keyword rich content and development, ready to be tweaked to maximize every valuable keyword.


Social Media Integrated

Focused strategy of creating and boosting compelling social media posts. Ideal for all types of businesses wanting to slay their social media presence.


Rockstar Tech Support

On-demand web development or graphic design for WordPress sites. Covers Design, HTML/CSS, WordPress Edits, tweaks, or maintenance.


Amazingly responsive

Responsive web design ensures the website is displayed correctly across all screens, and ensure you don't lose a sale.

Fair Pricing

All our Fast Love packages are billed at the same rate of $149USD a month. This covers maintenance, fast updates, consulting, and flexible development hours each month to keep your website updated and continuing to adapt to your growing customer base.



  • Custom design
  • Fast WordPress development
  • Revisions
  • Page Creation (Migration)
  • Plugin Suite
  • Responsive
  • SEO-ready
  • Premium stock photos
  • Rockstar Hosting
  • Live project management loop
  • VIP+ Support
  • Tutorial Library


$399 signup & $149/mth

  • Custom design Yes
  • Fast WordPress development Yes
  • Revisions 2
  • Page Creation (Migration) 10
  • Plugin Suite Add On
  • Responsive Yes
  • SEO-ready Yes
  • Premium stock photos 5
  • Rockstar Hosting Add On *
  • Live project management loop Yes
  • VIP+ Support Yes
  • Tutorial Library Yes


$599 signup & $149/mth

  • Custom design Yes
  • Fast WordPress development Yes
  • Revisions 2
  • Page Creation (Migration) 25
  • Plugin Suite Add On
  • Responsive Yes
  • SEO-ready Yes
  • Premium stock photos 10
  • Rockstar Hosting Add On *
  • Live project management loop Yes
  • VIP+ Support Yes
  • Tutorial Library Yes
Best Value


$899 signup & $149/mth

  • Custom design Yes
  • Fast WordPress development Yes
  • Revisions 2
  • Page Creation (Migration) 30
  • Plugin Suite Add On
  • Responsive Yes
  • SEO-ready Yes
  • Premium stock photos 5
  • Rockstar Hosting Included **
  • Live project management loop Yes
  • VIP+ Support Yes
  • Tutorial Library Yes

* Renewable subscription starting at $15 a month.
** Included for the life of your contract.

Got Questions?

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What email capabilities does the Fast Love Website Package have?

None. Unfortunately, this package doesn’t provide you with email servers. However, we do provide a Google Workspace (GSuite) set up service that will tweak all that stuff for you. Just request it, or order it from the self-service options.

What is the Fast Love Website Package?

Building on the ease of use and flexibility of the WordPress platform, I developed a solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of small business (micro enterprise) websites without scrimping on design, professionalism or functionality. This solution includes a fully-featured CMS, built on WordPress that allows a customer to truly take control of their content to drive their mission.

But it is much more than the CMS. Our solution leverages my design team’s expertise in strategy, visual design, and production to deliver websites that are designed to engage with your customer’s audience and ultimately drive engagement and fundraising. Beyond function and beauty, this solution also leverages the power of our recommended world class cloud hosting platform for unparalleled performance and uptime of the site itself.

Do you cover other CMS other than WordPress?
  • We are able to implement in almost any PHP-based platform, technology, or anything that runs on open source technology.  We are not able to implement on Microsoft technology or Microsoft-powered websites because of incompatibility between those sites and our servers. Due to the training and experience of our staff and WordPress’ ease of use, we offer implementation of our recommendations on WordPress websites as an added value.
  • Charges will apply when the optimization of your site requires development changes such as new page building outside of the WordPress CMS capability, Custom post page types in WordPress, implementation in native PHP, HTML, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and other platforms. To know if we shoulder the cost of implementation, please consult your Project Manager.
Do your website packages include hosting?

The website design packages do not include hosting. They only cover the website build and the site’s launch as well as 20 days of support after launch.

How long does it take to create a website?

Our website development service level completes within 2 weeks for the Local Web Design Package, 3-4 weeks for the Web Design Starter Package, and 4 weeks for the Advanced Web Design Package.  This period is extended for every added feature requested.

Can I upload files to Dropbox and Google Drive and share and discuss in Project Manager?

Yes, you can upload the files anywhere on the web and share the public download link and discuss.

How many changes can I make to my site without additional cost?

We value our client’s insights and input. Our clients will given one week after the initial design has been sent to provide their feedback for revisions at no charge. Please note that design revisions can no longer be made once the development has passed the design milestone and the final design is approved.

Why won't you launch on a Friday?

Development best practices discourage launching of sites on Fridays. As most sites represent business that run on weekdays only, weekend launches may cause unforeseen errors that cannot be addressed in real time as our staff and most clients do not work on weekends.

Can we talk on the phone or in person?

I would love that. However, to be perfectly transparent, I’m a moving target and my work has made me digitally nomadic for the bulk of my adult life. There’s a good chance, if you’re reading this, you’ve either met me in person before, or know me online. If we’re near to each other, let’s meet up and figure out how to get you some satisfaction from your online marketing. However, don’t let that dissuade you from doing business with me and my team remotely.

My team and I are scattered across the globe, and so are our clients. I’ve worked like this for more than twenty years, and worked for a handful of clients as long from five different countries.

I also love virtual meetups, so can meet in Second Life, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp… and the good old phone too.

What if I don’t like the final product?

Before the project starts I work to prevent this from happening.  I do this by asking questions, a ton of questions, to make sure that I understand completely what your needs are. In 95% of cases, bad communications is at the bottom of a client’s dissatisfaction. I take pride in developing a process, and creating a robust feedback loop between myself and my clients, that works. How I work keeps everyone on the same page from commencement to deployment and beyond.

Don't see your question?

You can open a support ticket in the helpdesk, and someone will respond within 24hrs. 

Miko's Rockstars To The Rescue

This group is for women (and male allies) who work as entrepreneurs and/or small businesses and enterprises and are interested in personal and professional development of women as a whole. If you are a small business owner and are interested in mutual support, networking and socializing with like minded women, this is the group for you.

My Customers <3 Me!

My straightforward no-frills style isn't for everyone. I'm blunt and honest, and I don't tell you what you want to hear. You get love back, and it helps you to grow your project from idea to satisfied success.

Ndelamiko is driven and brilliant. Her professionalism and character are added bonuses, especially since most of our meetings take place in the Web 2.0 world. She is an asset to any team she joins and highlights the best practices needed for this area.

If I were putting together a team of content developers for a tough project I'd definitely add Ndelamiko to my list. Ndela had a wealth of experience in online and offline publishing; She really understands her craft and, especially at times when almost anyone can claim to be a great developer, she's the real thing and a pleasure to work with too. Hugely impressive. I'd happily refer people to Ndela because I know she'd get the job done.

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