VIP Days was designed to help clients create a website from scratch step-by-step. It doesn’t include trainings on an individual basis if someone already has a website or a half built website.

    That would prove to be disastrous, kind of like buying a computer from Best Buy, opening up the insides to install new computer guts and then trying to call into support because you broke the computer. The guy on the other end of support wouldn’t be able to help you.

    Websites can crash and break the same way.

    Since I can’t look into each site individually to ensure that the sites were built correctly with security in place, I can’t guarantee support on existing sites. I can only guarantee support on sites that are made step-by-step with Architect.

    VIP Days was designed masterfully to build a flawless website where all the plugins, themes and graphics included with the training are all premium, purchased plugins that are guaranteed to work flawlessly and play nicely with each other. That way errors, hacking, security issues and viruses also never happen.

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