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    1. Project kick-off

    30 minute meeting to get the project started

    2. Prepare content

    Make sure you’re happy with the content for the website

    3. Sitemap delivered

    We’ll prepare the final sitemap for the project

    4. Content review

    We’ll review and amend the content you sent us

    5. Wireframes and styling

    We’ll send you the wireframes and styling ideas

    6. Styling feedback

    We’ll meet for up to an hour to discuss styling direction

    7. Homepage delivered

    We’ll give you the homepage styling for review

    8. Two sets of revisions

    We’ll revise the homepage based on your feedback

    9. Inner pages

    We’ll start work on the inner pages of the website

    10. Two sets of revisions

    We’ll revise the inner pages based on your feedback

    11. Website review

    We’ll meet for up to an hour to go through the website

    12. Final invoice

    Once you’re happy, we’ll send you the final invoice

    13. Style guide

    We’ll put together a style guide for your new website

    14. Package files

    We’ll package up the files and write documentation

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