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    You’re paying me to provide solutions. Explain the problem and I’ll pitch potential fixes to you, based on my research, experience and skills.

    It is important to remember (particularly on a website project) that excessive rounds of feedback can throw a project plan (and a design!) out of whack and potentially result in a delay (that’s like telling our team there is a delay in the release date of the next season of Star Trek: Discovery… a huge disappointment for all!).

    You’ve no doubt realised by now that designers are a finicky bunch, we like things ‘just so’. My team and I pride ourselves on upholding an exceptionally high-standard of design, and we genuinely want the best outcome possible for our clients. That being said, we will always give our professional advice regarding a piece of design feedback that we don’t agree with.

    The website design process is one that requires a lot of communication and organization. Together, we will manage the exchange of a vast amount of information, thoughts, and ideas in order to build your website.

    We find it essential that all communication is centralized and funneled through designated representatives from each of our companies, which ensures the information shared is clear and consistent.

    But to facilitate decision making, it is crucial that I know who all the stakeholders are, how to reach them, what their role is and what kind of internal chain of command needs to be followed in order for me to get my job done.


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